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Welcome to True Barre® Bingo! We are so excited to play bingo, our True Barre® way, for the whole month of April!

Special prizes at the end of April! You can win prizes if you fill one line of bingo or multiple lines! And for the ultimate prizes try to FILL UP your bingo card !

We're all playing & cheering each other on to mark those boxes & come together as our True Barre® community to fill as many, even ALL, the boxes as possible! And there won't be just one winner at the end of the month, everyone has the chance to win! Let's take on our fun True Barre® Bingo challenge & kick True Barre® booty!

Your True Barre® bingo card is available here or at the studio! You can either save the image or take a screen shot of the bingo card. Or you can grab a physical card at the studio!

We can't wait to see those cards fill up daily!

Share & let's all play & have some True Barre® Bingo fun for the month of April! Goes from April 1- April 30!

True Barre® Bingo Details & Rules:

*Goal is to fill up your bingo card!

*Can only mark one bingo box per day/class!

*Or if you take two class you can mark two boxes! (cannot mark more than one box per class!)

*Make sure for your social media tags: tag your True Barre® studio (True Barre Santa Clarita or True Barre Lawrence... or tag both!) Tag your studio so we can see it & mark it on your bingo card! You can also take a picture of your tag/post to show us to mark your card!

***and, in general, let's share daily & tag your True Barre® studio for accountability & True Barre® community support & fun! You can even tag both True Barre® studios!... we will be playing together from Cali to Kansas!***

*True Barre® On Demand can play too! Just tag BOTH True Barre® studios daily with your bingo card & what you've done!

*Your bingo card is ready for you! You can save the picture or take a screen shot of the bingo card! Just tap the card & it will open up to save! Then, you can just mark it on your phone through the month!

*OR you can grab a bingo card at the studio & we will mark it!

So excited for our first ever True Barre® Bingo! Let's have some FUN!

Ready to shout "BINGO!" at True Barre®!

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