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Signature True Barre barre class where ballet and barre meets fitness! No fluff, this class works that body to the point with resistance exercises, continual movement, and high energy! We burn, pulse, lengthen, and strengthen our way through class! Challenging, yet simple to follow, this class works and sculpts the whole body with cardio and total body work, you get that calorie and cardio burn, while tightening and toning the muscles safely and effectively! Bring the fitness lover and dancer out in you with our amazing True Barre class!

60 minutes

Pilates & Barre

Using the barre, equipment, and the body there is a focus on the six principles of Pilates; concentration, control, center, flow, precision, and breathing. Everything in the class is done with a purpose and always starts from the center and core, our “powerhouse”, and then works to the rest of the body. Breathing and moving through exercises to the music, there is a concentration on building strength and long lean muscles, surges of cardio pushes to continue to build endurance, and always a focus on the body’s alignment, development of core strength, and improving overall coordination, flexibility, and balance.

60 minutes

Barre & Boxing

The perfect combo and barre and kickboxing! This class focuses on everything for the perfect total body workout. Upper body and lower body strengthening and toning, heart rate boosts and cardio for a major calorie burn, and of course core and abdominal work throughout the whole class. We work on strong controlled movement with barre focus and teach the body to work to it’s full potential safely and effectively with our kickboxing exercises. In this class we work both at the center of the room and at the barre. Connecting barre and boxing with plies, punches, kicks, and presses…we get the full body workout that leaves you feeling strong, confident, and accomplished from the inside out.

60 minutes

Barre Booty™ HIIT + Core

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. In interval training there are short periods or “bursts” of more intense exercises followed by a short rest period into a lower intense exercise, which get the heart rate up and down and is the purpose of a HIIT style workout. There will be cardio-style exercises to get the heart rate up, exercises to strengthen and tone the body, exercises to work the legs and that booty, and exercises to give a focus on the core strength. Barre Booty™ HIIT + Core is a great way to torch calories and get a full body workout, especially when time is of the essence.

40-45 minutes

Mat Pilates Barre Sculpt

Mat Pilates, Floor Barre, and Barre exercises enables you to efficiently and effectively strengthen joints and muscles, correct alignment, release tension, and prevent and rehabilitate injuries. The class focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body, using basic ballet barre floor exercises, exercises at the barre, and Pilates exercises, with a very strong focus on the core. Using bodyweight and additional equipment, the body will be challenged to balance, squeeze, lift, lengthen, tighten and tone from the inside out. Enjoy the health benefits of this gentle, yet highly effective technique.

50-55 minutes

Flex n Flow

Where dance meets power yoga. Moving through beautiful yoga and dance/barre exercises to the music, we will focus on both flexibility and strength. There will be moments to lengthen and stretch the body and moments to condition, “burn-out”, and strengthen the body. Working that body from top to bottom, side to side, and inside and out, we will flow, hold, plie, pulse, stretch, sweat, and feel that beauty and strength from that first beat of the music and movement of the body until that breath and connection to the hour.

60 minutes

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