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True Barre® Thankful Challenge! 💛👯‍♀️✨

We have so much to be thankful for… so this year we’re celebrating with a True Barre® THANKFUL Challenge!💛👯‍♀️✨ November 1 - November 22!…Right before the holidays, so we’re feeling amazing through the end of the year into the new year!✨ The challenge includes:

•True Barre® signature meal plan
•True Barre® 100 Rep challenge
•True Barre® “thankful” daily affirmations
•True Barre® workouts
•True Barre® specials
•& prizes! 👯‍♀️


Prizes will include merchandise & apparel, discounts, gift cards, and so much more! Each workout, daily check-in, and all social media tags are entries in for the prizes! Send us your daily challenge content or tag us on our socia media! We will be doing raffle prizes at the end of the challenge... there will be over 20 prizes to be won! So let's all have some fun and get that "THANKFUL" challenge on!

Sign- up and get your True Barre® Challenge Guide to prep for our challenge start date, Wednesday November 1st! Let us know if you have any questions or we can sign you up as well and send you all the challenge goodies! See you at the barre!👯‍♀️😘

True Barre® Thankful Challenge!💛

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